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PRE-ICT4M Big Data Workshop

The Pre-ICT4M Big Data Workshop Series 2016 is a 3-day workshop organized by the Kulliyyah of ICT, in conjunction with our upcoming International Conference of ICT for the Muslim World (ICT4M 2016) to be held in Jakarta from 22-24 November 2016. This workshop series is intended to provide participants with fundamental skills in the state-of-the-art tools and technologies in big data processing.

The 3-day series of workshop includes 1 day of Rapid Miner Data Mining and Predictive Analytics, 1 day of Text and Web Mining with Rapid Miner and and 1 day of Introduction to Hadoop. To see a complete list of the workshop program schedule, please  view our program pamphlet.

The objective of this workshop are the following:

  1. To introduce participants to the basic concepts of data analytics and data mining processes using RapidMiner.
  2. To expose participants with predictive analytics and text mining using RapidMiner.
  3. To provide participants with the basic understanding of Hadoop framework and hands-on experience with Map Reduce programs.

Come join us for this great opportunity to expand your big data knowledge and expand your network of big data enthusiast. Register today online.

Also please check out our promotional brochure for extra details about our trainer, registration information and program contact information.


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