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For few years, the themes of ICT4M had been around the use of ICT for the Economic Advancement for the purpose of Global Peace. The main idea is still in focus. ICT4M aims to forward the idea that the development and use of advanced technology should improve and sustain the better social and individual life of the Muslim. ICT4M-2016 aims to unpack the sustainability issues from the view of the society and social, as these are the core of the Muslim community or ummah participating in a socio-digital world. The technology and its advancement have transformed the world to be more connected in a digital sense. Therefore, the proposed theme is “IS 4.0: A Sustainable Socio-Digital World”.

Socio-Digital Systems (SDS) aims to use an understanding of human values to help to change the technological landscape in the 21st century. Beyond making us all more productive and efficient, we ask how we can build technology to help us sustain our socio-digital world such as web-connected technologies and artifacts for home life and social affairs. (http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/groups/sds/)

It focuses on how information and communication technology change the social and society. Generally it leads to social change. It is a symbiosis where the society. Technologies shape our society and at the same time, society characterizes how technologies are developed, implemented, and used. (http://sociodigital.info)
Many incidents and events have occurred around the Muslim countries that have significant impact on the Muslim Ummah. The use of digital technologies is one of the factors that have allowed stories; scenarios and information are distributed and disseminated in a matter of second. The impact has been tremendous and pervasive.

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